Do you have a Reason?

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Human race, Uncategorized
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I feel at variance today, eccentric,
The reason I don’t seize,
The world doesn’t give ample reasons,
And the reasons we have are never suggestive of anything…

Reason, an absurd word,
Something that masses call for,
And none have,
Reasons for existence,
Reasons to relinquish life,
Reasons to do a selective affair,
Reason to not do the aforementioned,
Reason to invite some event,
Reasons to make a friend,
Reasons not to make one,
Reasons for incidents,
Reasons for endurance,
Reasons for labor, for sweat,
Reasons to carousal,
And this word revolves around…

But do we have a reasons for all,
Or are we just sole mortals sitting and letting the world run,
Run on whatever is happening,
With the mindset not to interfere?

‘cause I sit here and say, There is a Reason for Everything…
Which we don’t want to know OR we don’t want to speak!


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