What creates a fight?

Posted: July 19, 2011 in relationships
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It is sure for hurdles to come on the feel and bumps to come between relationships.

If I sit here and categorize, the major problems that one comes across is:


By communication I am here referring to both communication gap as well as day to day communications. Poor communication skills initiate a problem in any relationship. You can’t communicate while watching a sitcom, checking your BB, checking out pages online. In either of the above cases you seem least bothered in what you partner is talking and there she gets pissed.


This category of problem occurs mostly in people in live-in relations, or even amongst people whose relation is more money based. Usually one partner is a saver and one a spender, so here the conflict arises.

-Physical Intimacy

Even partners who love each other can be incompatible sexually. This might create issues, and it does. But common ‘you love her’, this shouldn’t make a difference. Sexual relationships problems can be solved by consulting a qualified therapist.


Priorities- this causes issues in every relation, from a two day relation to a happily married couple. It usually starts with questions like ‘who is that? How long have you been talking to her? Are her talks more important than mine?’  This usually happens when you spend less time with your partner and more with others, may be your friends or colleagues.

If you want your love life going, keep the focus on your relation. Relationships loose their luster very easily, so make yours a priority. Tell your partner how important she is in your life.

-Conflicts/ fights

Conflicts may arise from the smallest to the biggest think. Occasional conflicts are an inevitable part of a relation. But don’t let them increase. Clear them if they seem to rise.


Trust is very important in a relation. Without this factor, called trust, your relation is going nowhere. Do you doubt your partner for something? Is there any behavior that is hindering your trust from your partner? Clear it out, talk to him. Trust me, a simple talk can clear a lot of problems.

  1. nice one… can be worked upon for more on the same i guess……

  2. Arjun Sharma says:

    another one could be the distance. it is a huge factor.

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