Have You Ever Thought?

Posted: July 15, 2011 in humor

~Why do you always sit on a place which reads ‘wet paint’?

~How many times do you open the fridge when you really don’t want anything from it? And then come back again and again to open it?

~Why do you press the keys on the remote hard when you know the battery is weak?

~How many times do you switch lanes and the other one you left moves faster?

~Why do people say ‘I am sorry I hope it didn’t hurt’, when they actually know how hard they stepped on your toe?

~Why do you remember God only when you need some help?

~Why do people in a direct flight ask you ‘where are you heading to?’?

~Why is it if you need a count of 4 of something, you find only 3?

~Why does auto-flash never work when it is actually required?

~Why is it if you are late, you never find a lift?

~Why is it that any good program you find would need more memory in your pc than you have?

~Why is it that if you plan to skip a topic, it is sure to come in the exam?

~Why is it that any wire cut to a length is always short?

~Why is it that atleast a mobile phone is sure to ring during an important speech?

~Why is it that a flat tyre never occurs when you have a spare wheel?

~Why is it when you have a busy day, all your colleagues are free?

~Why is it when you want to piss urgently all urinals are taken?

~Why is it if you miss everything to support a team in a crucial match they lose?

~Why is it when you sit to watch your favorite program on TV it blacks out?

~Why is it when you have something important in the morning, the alarm never rings?


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