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‘A house is not a home without a pet’

A house and a home, two different things but the place where i reside is neither, it is actually a ‘madhome’, i suppose that’s a new term i developed in the past few seconds. When i use this word ‘madhome, the thought process of this term started with thinking about the female labrador playing around with the entire house for the past a year, 1 month and 29 days now, to be precise.

She is Stacey, a labrador. When i bought Stacey, she was 1 month and weighed 2 kgs in my hand, like i was holding a burger. Now she is 35 kgs, a big fat lady.

An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language -Martin Buber.

Great language? Oh yes! Well sure she speaks of all kinds of languages of all kinds of food she wants! She drools watching anybody eat. And those cute eyes, filled with anticipation, make us handover atleast a bite of everything we hogg on. So basically we are the culprits, we spoiled her.

From the word spoilt, I recall reading somewhere ’10 signs of a spoiled dog’ and trust me, by default, Stacey has all 10.

If i sit and recall all the incidents, she loves kids. Kids sit on her, play with her tail, hands inside her mouth, she says nothing, but the moment either of us does any of those, ‘dude, beware, either give me food or you i’ll show you what i can do’.

She wouldn’t come from the kitchen garden back to the room, even though u keep shouting until your voice box starts developing cracks, but the moment you even say it in your softest of tone ‘Stacey, biscuit’, she is on top of her speed into the rooms. So all i could conclude from this and justify myself with, is, she is semi-deaf!

“Mud, mud, glorious mud. Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood” so says the old Flanders & Swann’s Hippopotamus Song and I agree, more than that Stacey does. The mild mannered housewife (referring to my mom) turns into a desperate housewife, raging with anger and sweeping the entire house.

When half my papers, half my designs vanish from time to time, i know where to find them, somewhere near her, and if they aren’t there, then probably she’d throw them out of her stomach the next day when they turn into ‘natural fertilizers’.

Lately, she has started sitting on the dining table with all of us, waiting for her food to be placed like ours. Trust me, that catches the moment of the day.

She probably is the most entertaining thing, not only to us, but to people who visit our place.

She is a total attention seeker. If we tend to talk amongst ourselves and not look at her for even a second, she’d pick up clothes or footwear or anything that could draw our attention and run around the house expecting us to run after her.

I still remember my last year at school, when she used to be eagerly waiting at the door for me to arrive and jump on me until i slip and fall, then run in the entire house with my sock. That time, the only words that used to come up were ‘awww’, and a huge smile.

She might not listen to her basic instructions of stand up, sit down. heal, shake hand, lie flat, but the moment you ask her ‘Stacey, on the bed’ she takes her not even a complete second to jump there and lie down.

Every morning, sharp at six, she is on my bed, with saliva dripping all over my hands and face, waking me up. I would push her off the bed, but she won’t lose hopes and would be back to the dedicated task she had planned to do. so, that makes me have an ‘early goodmorning’.

I might be shouting and screaming my throat out at her throughout the day, calling her the worst dog ever, but i love her. I love her more than anything.

But despite of all the above, she is the best thing i could have around. She is a great dog. And my love her increases everyday, no matter what she does. i would quote a few lines from Marley and Me ‘A dog has no use for fancy cars or big home or designer clothes. Status symbol means nothing to him. A waterlogged stick will do just fine. A dog judges others not by the color creed or class, but of who they are inside. A dog does not care if you are rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his’. These are the most heart touching lines i have ever heard. And they truly describe the most beautiful animal on this earth. I can go on and on talking about her, but i’ll keep something for some other time.

Have a great day!

  1. saanchi says:

    🙂 loved it……there is nothing like having a dog …..

  2. Aamir Ahmed says:


    On the whole, its a very honest article. I like it 🙂
    Good JOb!!

  3. siddharth saraf says:

    nice one.. n by the way she is cute..!!! 😉

  4. Shilpa Patra says:

    Its amazing… aww…stacey… I really enjoyed reading it…. i was smiling all through and laughed at a few points… staceyy awwwwwwwww :*

  5. PAWAN D says:

    very nice thoughts…., i certainly cant write a page on my dog, so hats off 2 ur attempt….

  6. daksh says:

    **** *******

  7. Arjun Sharma says:

    lol stacey sounds awesome 😛 im not much of a dog person though. i had a cat once. but i get it. having a pet just changes the atmosphere. 🙂

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